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  • Bitdefender Family Pack

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Bitdefender Family Pack 2015

Unlimited number of protected devices: Windows, Mac, Android.

Privacy protection. Safe online banking and shopping. Parental Control.

Award-winning technology. Fast, reliable and incredibly easy to use.

No slowdowns or battery drain.

Loss and theft protection. Location tracker.

    One product. Unlimited devices. Your entire family: safe.

    One purchase is all it takes. One license key helps you secure and keep track of all your family's devices : Windows or Mac desktops and laptops, Android tablets and smartphones.

    Bitdefender Family Pack 2015 protects all your family’s devices.

    Bitdefender Family Pack 2015 comes with all the security features your family needs to stay safe online, including:

    • Best E-Threat Protection
    • Parental Control
    • Device Tracking
    • Facebook Protection
    • Online Banking Defense
    • E-Shopping Protection
    • Web Browsing Guardian
    • Anti-Fraud Warnings
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • Password Manager (Wallet)
    • Secure Online Storage
    • Device loss and theft protection
    • Phone Alert
    • App Lock
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